Rutland Plastics are experts in injection moulding and we would like to share our expertise by offering you a free design guide.

“We at Rutland Plastics are frequently asked questions about basic design rules for plastic injection moulded parts.”  Commented Simon Grainger, Design & Prototyping Engineer.  “Whilst there are several books on the market the majority of people do not have the time to read them.  It is hoped that this guide will answer the most frequently asked questions.”

The guide covers areas such as strength, precision, appearance and assembly as well as a checklist to aid the design process and help Rutland Plastics to recommend the most appropriate material for the application.  “We work in partnership with our customers, pooling  experience and using our CAD system, to optimise designs for their cost-effective production,” added Simon.  “Hopefully, this guide will help prevent some of the potential pitfalls and so speed the whole process from concept to production.”

ABS is widely used in the automotive industry due to its high impact strength, good heat distortion, high gloss appearance and suitability for electroplating.  Typical uses are mirror housings, radiator grilles, wheel covers and instrument panels.  Also used for office machines, pipes and pipe fittings, refrigeration, vacuum cleaners and other kitchen appliances.  PC/ABS may be used where a higher heat resistance is required, for example in the manufacture of hair dryers, irons and coffee makers.

As an ISO9001:2000 accredited business with over fifty years’ experience, situated in the centre of the UK, Rutland Plastics offers, according to Stuart, “traditional values, individual attention, accessibility, a sound financial record and continuity of supply.”

Free copies of the Design Guide can be obtained by completing the form or clicking the link below.