Top: This aerial shot clearly shows the size of the Rutland Plastics factory site following the completion of the redevelopment.  In the foreground to the left is the new warehouse complete with 900 Photovoltaic (solar) panels.  At the rear, to the right, can be seen the engineering department containing the newly expanded toolroom

Below: The Rutland Plastics factory can be seen in the foreground of this shot that also shows the wonderful Rutland Water in the background.  The reservoir is the largest in the UK by surface area (by capacity is Kielder reservoir) and is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest, it is also home to the first ospreys reintroduced into England in 1996, including one called Mr Rutland.  We are lucky to be located in such a beautiful part of the country yet conveniently situated for the A1 and wider motorway network.

Read more about Rutland Water Nature Reserve here.

Aerial image of Rutland Plastics factory showing Rutland Water in the background

Rutland Plastics and Rutland Water