Bespoke Solutions

At Rutland Plastics we are looking at ways of improving and innovating. We have customers from all sectors of industry from agricultural, construction, medical, utilities and more. As our customer base is so broad our expertise has to adapt with each customer but one thing is the same - we are experts in injection moulding solutions.

We have our own fully equipped toolroom, Stratasys Fortus 380 carbon fibre 3D printer, Techman collaborative robots and automation wizards and so can design bespoke solutions to manufacturing and assembly problems.

This video shows a bespoke solutions using our in house designed and printed carbon fibre tooling and the jig consists of 20mm thick aluminium, machined using our new MAZAK vcn-530c CNC miller. The pneumatic equipment such as solenoid valves, air fittings, rotary actuators are all purchased from SMC.

Items printed in Nylon 12 CF can be up to 70% lighter than aluminium, therefore vastly reducing the payload burden, improving robot speed, motor efficiency and consequently extending the time between preventive maintenance intervals.

In most instances plastic parts are separated from the mould tool using ejector pins to push the part away – but how do you push a part that is screwed on? The answer was to create an end of arm tooling and connect it to an air motor.

Many of our customers require assembly services for their products. In this case we used our expertise to combine an auto-driller which dresses the sprue and a bespoke bolt feeder to feed and press in bolts onto the part.

We have years of experience working with customers and combine our expertise in injection moulding and their sector expertise to create a bespoke designed solution that is right for them.

Free design guide

Rutland Plastics has produced a free Design Guide to help you with all aspects of designing for plastic injection moulding.
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We can provide advice and quotes on anything from a simple sketch to a 3D computer model. Most drawing formats can be handled although we find STEP, Parasolid and DXF translate most successfully.