A tough material that is an opaque yellowish white in appearance.  However, it is not usually supplied in natural form but rather as a fully compounded material.  The material can have a high gloss and high impact strength.

Please Note: This page is for information purposes only. Rutland Plastics is an Injection Moulder and does not supply polymers.


Due to its similar chemical composition the properties of ASA are similar to those of ABS.  ASA was developed to improve UV properties.  ABS contains rubber which is not particularly light resistant so the material is not naturally weather resistant.  ASA contains an acrylic ester rubber which means it has good resistance to yellowing and light.


Due to the difficulties in colouring this material it is usually supplied in a fully compounded form.  Selection of pigments is crucial to avoid damaging the weather resistant properties of ASA.


The material can be machined using the same tools as for brass or bronze and cooling with water.  Spin welding and hot-plate may be used for joining along with ultrasonic welding in some cases.  Scratches can be polished out using metal polishes.  ASA can be decorated using hot foiling, silk screen printing and vacuum metallisiing.


Mineral Acids (dilute)Good
Mineral Acids (concentrated)Fair
Aromatic HydrocarbonFair
Chlorinated HydrocarbonFair
Oils, GreasesGood


Due to the properties of the material ASA is frequently used for housings, such as telephones.  Automotive applications include exterior trim, for examples radiator grilles and door mirror housings.  It has also been used for garden furniture, traffic signs, electric fan components and wash basins as well as windsurfer boards.