A survey carried out by the Engineering Employers’ Federation (EEF) and accountancy firm BDO has revealed that 1 in 7 British companies have moved their operations back to Britain. This has occurred as a result of companies seeing a reduction in the benefits of overseas production – poor quality, higher transport costs, longer lead times for fulfilment of orders.

In addition we have seen dramatic rises in polymer prices coupled with supply problems associated with many polymers. If you are experiencing difficulties with obtaining supplies of your plastic mouldings then speak to us. We have excellent relationships with a number of suppliers and although we cannot guarantee that we can obtain lower polymer prices our strong financial position means that, in most instances, we can carry stocks of both polymers and finished products in our warehouse to guarantee availability of your requirements.

Whether you are looking to move mould tools from overseas or just within the UK, you can be assured of Rutland Plastics support every step of the way.


Rutland Plastics has a well-established procedure for the transfer of injection mould tools.  We recommend that you build up a small stock of your parts prior to any tool transfer.  Once this is secured, inform Rutland Plastics of the materials required so that availability can be checked. If the current moulder has stocks of materials they may be prepared to sell these so smoothing the transition. Inform your moulder of your intention to move the tools, and then do it quickly and try to ensure that you are present when the tools are packaged up by the incumbent moulder,  take some photographs and ensure you are happy with the condition of the tools before they leave.

Upon arrival at Rutland Plastics we will take photographs and your tools will undergo a free Tool Maintenance Healthcheck and any general maintenance work will be carried out free of charge. If there are any problems with your mould, you will be notified with a recommended course of action. If transferring from overseas, shipping of tools and customs clearance will take 5-6 weeks. In addition, sampling for approval will take additional time, how long will depend upon the number of tools. Therefore, you should ensure you have sufficient stocks of parts to cover this period.

If you are present during sampling you can observe how the tools are running and approve parts. This could result in proceeding immediately to a production run so minimising the amount of time the tools are out of action during the transition.

Throughout the transfer process, a dedicated project manager will keep you informed at every step.

Please contact us for further information.