In the past if a metal effect plastic part was required then a secondary process was needed.  This could be electro-plating, painting or vacuum-metallizing depending upon the part and the application.  This is now about to change with the introduction of the Celanese MetaLX ™ range of polymers.

Please Note: This page is for information purposes only. Rutland Plastics is an Injection Moulder and does not supply polymers.

This new range of metal-effect polymers are available in Acetal, Polyester and Polyester Elastomer.  Apart from the standard unfilled grades there are also glass-reinforced and flame retardant glass-reinforced grades.  Apart from a polished finish to the plastic moulding it is also possible to achieve a matt (to simulate brushed metal finish) or textured finish as with conventional mouldings.

The MetaLX ™ range of polymers from Celanese can enable designers and manufacturers to reduce costs by eliminating secondary operations such as painting and plating along with the associated preparation and add-on costs.  These polymers are also more environmentally friendly as they eliminate the use of chemical pollutants associated with the normal secondary operations.

If you would like a sample coaster in metallic effect click here.

The major advantages are:

  • Excellent mechanical performance.
  • Retention of colour after UV and thermal exposure.
  • Beautiful surface appearance and textures.
  • Resistance to stains, scratches and most chemicals and cleaners.
  • Match, or complement, mating metal parts.
  • Stay non-thermally conductive and fingerprint resistant unlike metal.
  • Do not show tendency towards stress cracking.

Rutland Plastics has moulded its coaster in one of the MetaLX ™ acetal grades.  If you would like one of these coaster samples please contact us using the Free Advice form.