“Moulder calls in administrator”

“Tough times lead to closure of moulding operation”

Headlines such as these are becoming increasingly common in these troubled economic times.  If you currently use injection mouldings, or are considering doing so in the near future, you are probably worried about continuity of supply.


Are your deliveries late?  Material suppliers withhold deliveries if an account is unpaid.  This could lead to delays in the supply of your product.

Are you experiencing problems with quality?  This could be the result of the moulder trying to cut costs by cutting cycle times or using cheaper, lower quality materials.

These could be early warning signs that your moulding supplier is facing difficulties.  As a customer you are often the last to know.  You do not want to be without supply of moulded products or components because this disrupts your production and lets your customers down.  You need to be sure of continued supply.


The vast majority of moulders are experiencing a downturn in business.  That is hardly surprising with the automotive and construction industries at a virtual standstill and demand for larger consumer goods, such as washing machines and televisions at an all time low.

For many companies the response has been short time working, anxious to hold on to their skilled employees.  However, even this may not be enough to pay the bills and keep the banks happy; the latter only too keen to increase interest rates on loans and to reduce or even withdraw overdraft facilities.


As a long established (60 years) company with no borrowings and a reputation for supplying high quality products, we can offer the guarantee of continuity of supply that you need.

In the last four months Rutland Plastics has received orders for 20 new mould tools with a total value in excess of £420,000, we have also gained 3 new customers in the process.  In such difficult times this is a testament to the trust our customers, and prospective customers place in us.

The redevelopment of our factory site with new offices and mould shop bay are also a sign that RP is a successful company with an eye on the future.


In-house design and tooling – offering guidance and support both for existing and new products and components.  Our own toolroom means that your existing tooling can be adapted and refurbished, if necessary, without delay.

Cost effective mould making – for new projects use of selected subcontract toolmakers both in the UK and overseas in addition to our own toolroom to ensure you get the best tool at the best price.

Latest moulding technology – Rutland Plastics has always had a rolling investment programme ensuring that we have modern, efficient moulding machines and ancillary equipment.  Efficient production means consistent quality and cost effective manufacture for you.

Large moulding expertise – if you have large mouldings we can handle them (up to 38kgs), also with expertise in thick section moulding.

Gas injection moulding – Rutland Plastics also offers you gas assisted injection moulding should you require it.

Machining and assembly – many customers like to receive sub-assemblies or have parts that have tight tolerances and require post mould machining.  RP can help here with our in-house finishing services including sonic welding.

Electrofusion – you may not require this service but it is a further illustration of our capabilities.

Complete control over quality – as an ISO9001:2000 registered company we have clear procedures in place for quality control tailored to your specific requirements.

Full traceability of components – our Manufacturing Management System enables us to track your order through from placement to despatch.  In the unlikely event that you have a problem we can trace the batch of material, machine the part was moulded on and the operator.

On demand just-in-time supply – we are fully flexible in dealing with our customers’ ordering requirements.  Whether you wish to place repeat orders, work to schedules, operate a Kanban system or call-off from stock we are happy to work with you.

Rutland Plastics operates an open house policy so why not arrange to visit us to see what we can do for you.