Like many UK manufacturing companies, Rutland Plastics has seen an increasing number of mould tools being repatriated to the UK in recent months.  Added to this a large number of enquiries for new products are from companies wishing to have their parts manufactured in the UK.

A considerable amount of manufacturing has been taking place in the Far East due to low costs and the ability to manufacture in large volumes.  However, costs have started to rise as wages have increased along with transportation costs.  In addition, there has been a number of well documented quality problems which have damaged the reputation of the companies involved to say nothing of the costs associated with rectifying the issues.

Aside from cost benefits, it is possible to purchase smaller quantities and obtain shorter lead times with UK manufacture.  Resolving problems and controlling quality are also easier when manufacture is on the doorstep.

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) has identified 1,500 manufacturing jobs reshored to the UK since 2011.  A Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) survey has found more than 1 in 10 manufacturers reshoring operations in the last 12 months.  Just 4% have placed work overseas indicating an encouraging trend.  The 3 most common reasons given for reshoring are costs, quality and reduced lead times.

Rutland Plastics has considerable experience in taking in existing mould tools and would be happy to help you bring any plastic moulding work back to the UK.  We have some useful information on mould tool transfer and should you require any further information please contact us.