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"Practical and informative" is how our giveaway coffee cup (or tea) Rutland Plastics coaster has been described.  Apart from being a practical and a highly durable mat for your drink with the benefit of a lip to contain any small spillages from messing up your desk, it also has other uses.  On the reverse are varying grades of spark eroded finishes from smooth 20VDI to rough 45VDI.

These finishes enhance a product and can be applied to injection mould tools, and our coaster gives an accurate representation of the textures that can be achieved.  The Rutland Plastics coaster giveaway always proves very popular at various exhibitions we attend while a number of material suppliers and manufacturers have enquired after them.

Textures and lettering can often be moulded onto the surface of the part. Texturing can help change the aesthetics of the part and lettering can add a brand logo or product information at the point of manufacture so reducing the need for a secondary operation. We frequently modify tools using laser engraving to add lettering to an existing tool so that the lettering is incorporated at the point of manufacture

If you would like a sample to adorn your desk, simply use our enquiry form found on the contact page to make a request - remember to add your address.

To read about the metal effect achieved in the image click here.

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