Rutland Plastics joins Made in Britain

We are delighted to have kicked off 2022 by becoming a member of Made in Britain. Made in Britain brings together the British manufacturing community, united with the use of the registered collective mark. Made in Britain is a not-for-profit organisation that supports British manufacturers under a single, registered collective mark. The mark represents a standard of quality and unity for the British manufacturing sector within the UK and around the world. Made in Britain is a registered member of the CBI as the official Made in Britain collective mark for manufacturers. The organisation works closely with the UK government and other groups to support skilled jobs and encourage creativity and sustainable growth. It campaigns all year round for British manufacturing. Made in Britain has over 1750 members, most of whom are SMEs, and all have signed up to adhere to the strict code of conduct requirements.

While quality and reliability has long been synonymous with British manufacturing, it has often been disregarded in favour of lower-cost overseas options. These alternatives, however, look less attractive now we have seen first-hand how quickly the global supply chain can be destabilised. The term ‘Made in Britain’ is not just a slogan to identify how a product has been crafted and developed in Britain, it is much more than that. This marque represents a standard of quality, prestige and unity for the British manufacturing sector within the UK, both domestically and around the globe.

Made in Britain is also dedicated to its Green Growth Programme which is dedicated to helping its members become more sustainable, fit for the future and focused on achieving the UKs COP 26 targets. We have been working on our sustainability journey for several years and we are on course to produce our millionth kWh this year from our solar panel installation.

Rutland Plastics has been in the plastic injection moulding business for over 65 years. It is still a family business, now with the third generation in charge, and has been a proud member of the British manufacturing community since 1956. Made in Britain is a great way of bringing British Manufacturers from all sectors together to promote and recognise the quality, skills and innovation that are within British manufacturing.

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Rutland Plastics has produced a free Design Guide to help you with all aspects of designing for plastic injection moulding.
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We can provide advice and quotes on anything from a simple sketch to a 3D computer model. Most drawing formats can be handled although we find STEP, Parasolid and DXF translate most successfully.