You want flexibility and hassle-free ordering of your moulded parts and delivery from your suppliers, Rutland Plastics can meet your requirements.  You have a choice of methods to suit your particular requirements.

One-Off Orders for Injection Moulding

If your requirements are infrequent or relatively low volumes, then this is probably the easiest approach.  We carry a wide range of materials in stock so we can respond quickly to your orders.  In some instances, we can mould larger batches of a part in order to offer a lower price.  You take a part delivery and agree to take the balance within a specified time period.

Schedules for Regular Orders

If you have regular requirements that are relatively predictable, then this approach may suit you.  Providing us with a forecast for 3-6 months with the next month as a firm requirement.

Call-Offs/KanBan/Blanket Orders

You provide us with a blanket order for a specified number of parts or time period.  We produce your product in economic batch quantities and hold them in stock for you to call off as and when required.  The main advantage of this approach is that you can have more product with as little as 24 hours notice.

Some of our customers have their own transport travelling the country and rather than return empty they call in to collect so saving on transport costs.

Whatever your requirements we would be happy to discuss them with you.