Our Approach to Sustainability

Our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Statement

Rutland Plastics, its management and employees are committed to the adoption and promotion of sustainability principles across all company processes and we are firmly dedicated to conducting our operations in a socially responsible manner ensuring we provide a safe and sustainable environment for employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

We strive to set a good example of sustainable manufacturing by fulfilling our financial, regulatory, environmental and social obligations and we are constantly evaluating compliance with our policies.

We aim to be a transparent and ethical business and endeavour to make a positive contribution to the community. Our core values are:

  • Taking Responsibility
  • Working Together
  • Having Pride
  • Evolving
  • Being Honest


We rely on the commitment and energy of our employees to help us achieve our sustainability goals. Communication enhances our ability to achieve our goals and effective two-way communication channels promote employee contributions, developing better work practices and enhances job satisfaction.

We employ fair and consistent recruitment processes and believe each employee should be treated with respect by management and colleagues.

We implement policies to ensure the well-being of our employees. We invest in their development, providing comprehensive training with unrestricted learning and personal development actively encouraged and supported.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

We attach great importance to the health, safety and welfare our employees at work. One of our company values is Taking Responsibility which reminds us that health and safety is everyone’s responsibility and all employees have a role to play in ensuring that we all work in a healthy and safe environment. It is everyone’s responsibility to speak up if something isn’t right.


In all business activities, we give consideration to our immediate community location, the wider environment and its natural resources. We manage our production processes with careful concern for the environment. We recognise that our sustainability efforts are one of continuous improvement and to date, we are able to demonstrate our commitment through self-funded energy and CO2 reduction programme whereby we have implemented efficient and economic installations that tap into ‘green power’:

  • Generation of electricity from 900 (solar photovoltaics) PV panels.
  • ‘Free air’ cooling systems utilising low external air temperature.
  • Smart lighting combining LED and occupancy motion sensors throughout our site.
  • Waste recycling on-site facilities and off-site partners.
  • Reduction of paper waste generation through implementing ePayslips, office paper recycling, reduction of filing, cloud-based storage and document sharing, minimal ink use.

Rutland Plastics endeavours to develop good relationships and strengthen communication channels with our partners and this is borne through our mission statement:

To work in partnership now and in the future with our customers, to solve their problems through:

Manufacturing Excellence, Technical Expertise, Growing our People, Taking Pride in Everything.