Rutland Plastics has wide experience in the injection moulding of plastics.  Serving a wide range of different industries has led to the development of an extensive range of plastic products and components suited to diverse and sometimes demanding applications.  This in turn has resulted in sourcing and moulding a varied range of different thermoplastics from basic commodity polymers to advanced and specialised engineering grades.

As one of the country’s leading plastics manufacturers we work with a number of the major polymer suppliers and can offer a solution to your requirements.

The table below lists the current range of materials moulded although should your product require an alternative we would be happy to discuss this with you.

We are increasingly asked about ‘greener’ bio-based plastic materials and we expect this to increase in 2020.  The biomass used in bioplastics include corn, sugarcane, tapioca or other forms of cellulose as opposed to petroleum. It is important to distinguish two aspects of bioplastics: biodegradable and compostable and for this reason we have a dedicated page to understanding Bioplastics