Please Note: This page is for information purposes only. Rutland Plastics is an Injection Moulder and does not offer RIM moulding services.


This is a form of injection moulding that produces components with a honeycomb like centre.  It is a cold injection process that does not require pre-heating of moulds or post curing of parts.  Two materials are mixed prior to injection; these materials react in the mould to form a solid moulding.

The low pressure process can produce large mouldings – up to 40kgs and in excess of 1m square with sections of 5mm-15mm.  The resulting components have a high level of stiffness.


This process uses a fast acting polyurethane resin.


Products manufactured using this process include:

  • Business machine housings
  • Point of sale display components
  • Containers
  • Pallets
  • Office furniture
  • Sporting goods
  • Automotive
  • parts


  • Low pressure mouldings mean the mould tools can be manufactured from silicone, resin, modelboard or aluminium resulting in cheaper tooling costs
  • Fast tool manufacture
  • High impact strength and dimensional stability


  • Parts are more expensive as the surface finish is generally poor needing filling, sanding and painting.  Generally a textured finish is used
  • Slow cycle times
  • Expensive raw materials