Do you have an electric toothbrush?  Do you take it away with you?

If the answer to both questions is ‘Yes’ then you will probably be familiar with the problems of transporting it, from how to pack it to it switching itself on.  Let’s leave it to Ged McCall, Schelle’s founder, to explain:

“The brief was simple to begin with – a box for my electric toothbrush.  Prevent it accidentally switching on draining the battery and embarrassing me with buzzing inside my suitcase.  We’ve also designed something lightweight, compact and bright – so I don’t leave it in the hotel like I’ve done with chargers, shirts and iPods.”

After searching without success to find a case for his electric toothbrush, Ged started on his campaign to bring one to market.  Almost three years later we have the Schelle Electric Toothbrush Traveller.

When Ged came to Rutland Plastics he already had the basic concepts following help from Lewis Trott design and Loughborough University’s Advanced Manufacturing Unit.  Our technical team set to work bringing Ged’s idea to fruition.


After a number of designs were discussed the final refinements took place using our Stratasys Connex 3D printer to test fit and function of the various elements.  Once the final design was approved a complete case was printed providing Ged with something to handle and use.  Use of 3D printed prototypes ensured the fixings to hold the toothbrush motor unit and its heads as well as the snap-fit closure would work before committing to tooling.

3D printed inserts for the mould tool were also used to make final refinements to the living hinge design.

A suitable material was suggested and a number of different grades trialled to find the optimum solution.  Ged settled on 8 colours for the initial launch and these were duly matched and sampled.


The new stylish travel case for your electric toothbrush is available in 8 bright colours offering the following benefits:

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Antibacterial
  • Lightweight + Compact
  • Prevents Accidental Turn On
  • Space for Two Brush Heads
  • Shatter Proof + Robust

For more information and to order: Indiegogo Schelle & Schelle Electric Toothbrush Traveller

Rutland Plastics works in partnership with small businesses such as Schelle providing them with design and technical support to help them bring new products to market.