Industry and Parliament Trust visit

Along with the BPF, Rutland Plastics hosted an Industry and Parliament Trust visit with Jackie Doyle-Price MP.  Rutland Plastics has been a member of the British Plastics Federation for decades and one of the BPF's many functions is to lobby parliament on behalf of the plastics industry and manufacturing as a whole to help promote and support the sector.  The BPF is a member of the Industry and Parliament Trust, an educational charity for Parliament and Business.  The Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) is an independent, non-lobbying, non-partisan charity that provides a platform of engagement between Parliament and UK business. The IPT is supported by cross-party representation of senior parliamentarians and through the patronage of its industry supporters. The IPT is non-party political and works with all parliamentarians and businesses of any sector or size.

The IPT creates an environment that supports trusted, open and two-way dialogue between Parliament and UK business. IPT platforms engage, educate and inform, create lasting relationships and facilitate the exchange of ideas, specifically, with the aim to:

  • Equip parliamentarians from all parties with a greater understanding of commerce and industry through non-partisan platforms
  • Enable businesses of all sizes and from all sectors to develop knowledge of parliamentary and legislative processes
  • Enrich policy debates by deepening the dialogue between Parliament and industry

As a result of this alliance, Jackie Doyle-Price, MP, was invited to Rutland Plastics for an Industry and Parliament Trust visit of the factory and a discussion about the British plastics industry and British manufacturing as a whole.  Jackie Doyle-Price is pictured with one of our Directors, Stuart Johnston, and Graeme Craig from the BPF.  We hope Jackie enjoyed the tour and found the discussions interesting, informative and provided a useful insight into British manufacturing with ideas and comments to take back to Westminster.

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