Mould Tool is at the Heart of Injection Moulding

plastic injection mould tool
Mould tool for plastic injection moulding

We always get very excited when a new mould tool is ready for trialling. Here is one we made earlier, (in fact just finished and it is a week ahead of schedule) awaiting our customer to oversee the sampling.

The mould is at the heart of the manufacturing process, providing a passageway for molten plastic to travel from the injection cylinder (barrel) to the mould cavity - it is the key component in what we do here at RP.

In simple terms, the mould tool provides a passageway for molten plastic to travel from the injection cylinder (barrel) to the mould cavity. It allows the air, which would be trapped inside when the mould closes, to escape. If the air is not vented then the moulded component would contain voids (air bubbles) and have a poor surface finish. The mould tool also cools the moulding until it sets. The temperature of the mould is controlled because it is important that the moulding cools at the correct rate to avoid distortion and stress. In most systems water circulates through channels drilled through the mould, similar to a car engine cooling system. The finished moulding is pushed from the mould by means of ejectors pins.

We are able to specify and manufacture the most appropriate mould tools for your requirements, whether it is low volume or pre-production tooling or even high speed, multi-cavity stack tools.

Routine tool maintenance is carried out free of charge for all injection mould tools manufactured by us of one of our partners for its entire working life all the time Rutland Plastics is the appointed moulder.

Our on-site toolroom is equipped with the latest machinery and this coupled with the experience and know how of our team, provides a comprehensive suite of tooling services from design, tooling modifications through to routine maintenance and refurbishment.

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