Strong Robot Hands Make Light Work (EOAT)

We are long-time advocates of improving injection moulding solutions which we have used effectively for ourselves and our customers, to include prototyping, design, tooling, jigs and fixtures.

However, due to highly specific applications namely end of arm tooling for our advancement into the use of collaborative robots, there was a need for increased rigidity and durability beyond the printing materials previously employed.

That’s when we decided to move into advanced injection moulding solutions - 3D production system prints with FDM Nylon 12 Carbon Fibre - one of the toughest 3D printing materials ever created. These materials give unparalleled strength and stiffness for dependable functional prototyping, production parts and rugged tooling. Importantly, Nylon 12 CF can be up to 70% lighter than aluminium, therefore vastly reducing the payload burden, improving robot speed, motor efficiency - consequently extending the time between preventive maintenance intervals.

Through our established 3D print bureau we have added end of arm tooling (EOAT) also known as robot end effectors to the list of 3D printing abilities. Custom designed and built means that robot end effectors can have integrated hinges, gripper mechanisms, air channels, wire runs, mounts for sensors and other functions directly incorporated.

Our free design advice will help you take your project further. It is important that your prototypes simulate future production parts in terms of functionality. We can also provide you with advice on material selection and a quote for production parts. To find out more and see print examples visit our new website dedicated to promoting our 3D print service:

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We can provide advice and quotes on anything from a simple sketch to a 3D computer model. Most drawing formats can be handled although we find STEP, Parasolid and DXF translate most successfully.